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women and ecology

  • Interview with Alex Carmona - ethical agency Sollya

    Alex Carmona is consultant in ethical communication and freelance responsible webmarketing. She also creates online trainings accessibles for every people to learn diy communication. Today her motto, " to do its best to make a better and more fair world"!

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  • Interview with Claire Pétreault, Head of com ChangeNOW

    Claire Pétreault is 25 years old.  a 25 ans. Gradute of Science Po Paris in 2019, her studies are dyed of social and political sciences but also of digital because she chose in 2nd year of master degree, pathway "Innovation and digital transformation" in Télécom Paris. Nowadays, she leads the communication of  ChangeNOW.  

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  • Teenagers, activism and ecology

    December 2018: many articles concerning a certain Greta Thunberg young swedish ecologist activist then aged of 15, start to emerge in the press. It's after her speech during the COP24, the United nation Summit about climatic changes, that she becomes famous abroad. Her history goes also around the world thanks to the video of her speech and the associated articles.

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  • Not whithout the 50% of the mankind

    The world today : with the "other 50%" of the mankind, Women!
    It's right now that we have the opportunity to rethink our economies, our society ! We have to save this planet which welcomes us to preserve the Human. The nature, as for ger, let's trust it, we will survive...  Stop procrastinating ! Stop put off until tomorrow the major issue of this 21st century: our lifeplace, our environment !

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  • Ecology, politics, women's place

    Testimony of Emma AYOUT, woman, politician, committed and ecologist.
    Emma was born in 1991 in Paris where she currently lives. Today, she is in charge of the reception and housing mission for travellers and migrants at the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. 

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