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Diversity and digital

  • Interview with Alex Carmona - ethical agency Sollya

    Alex Carmona is consultant in ethical communication and freelance responsible webmarketing. She also creates online trainings accessibles for every people to learn diy communication. Today her motto, " to do its best to make a better and more fair world"!

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  • The story of the computer glitch : info or intox

    The legend pretend to these computer "glitches" which poison us the digital hold their name from an insect, or bug, maybe a moth. Bygone where the high-tech prototype of computers weighted not less 5 tons and accomodated in a room of more than 15 meters of length and 2.50 meters of high, in a hectic and noisy atmosphere of punched tapes by the first programmers, were swallowed by the insatiable monster. By entire kilometers.

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  • Black woman and ingineer, who was Mary Jackson?

    Once (or almost once) is not customary, a woman just gives her name to a monument of technology, I named the NASA. Medias, sometimes inspired, have allowed to showcase this woman almost invisible thanks to a movie "Hidden figures". Schooled in maths and got a physical sciences degree, Mary Jackson has been the first alck woman to join the NASA in 1951, in a calculators group. She worked with two other women also really discreet, Katherine Jonhson and Dorothy Vaughan.


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  • What the covid19 will have brought me

    At exceptional period, exceptional stress but also excitation of neurons. Confined but provileged because not sibejct to the proximity, anxious but incredibly active, according to me, the pandemia had a stimulating and training effect on substance and form of digital; it enabled the revision of my usual habits and gave me the chance to collaborate on a project born this autumn and presently on rails : Be Amazonial.

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  • Not whithout the 50% of the mankind

    The world today : with the "other 50%" of the mankind, Women!
    It's right now that we have the opportunity to rethink our economies, our society ! We have to save this planet which welcomes us to preserve the Human. The nature, as for ger, let's trust it, we will survive...  Stop procrastinating ! Stop put off until tomorrow the major issue of this 21st century: our lifeplace, our environment !

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