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Digital and ecology

  • Tech is neither good nor bad !

    Looking back on two exciting conferences at Sido 2020
    I had the pleasure to attend the largest European showroom dedicated to IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics which took place on September 3rd and 4th, 2020 in Lyon.

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  • Interview with Alex Carmona - ethical agency Sollya

    Alex Carmona is consultant in ethical communication and freelance responsible webmarketing. She also creates online trainings accessibles for every people to learn diy communication. Today her motto, " to do its best to make a better and more fair world"!

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  • Digital print: how to reduce it?

    It's not about forcing, punishing, blaming but warning, inquiring at our level, it's possible to do easily, almost automatically, to boost our ecological and responsible consciousness. The Covid-19, as a disaster, brought to light deep thinkings about our way of consumption and our business model become meaningless.

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  • What the covid19 will have brought me

    At exceptional period, exceptional stress but also excitation of neurons. Confined but provileged because not sibejct to the proximity, anxious but incredibly active, according to me, the pandemia had a stimulating and training effect on substance and form of digital; it enabled the revision of my usual habits and gave me the chance to collaborate on a project born this autumn and presently on rails : Be Amazonial.

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  • The digital gap enlightened by the Covid-19

    The digital gap is the disparity of technologies and information access, for instance internet. In his book "The four dimensions of the digital gap" , the researcher Ben youssef Adel declines this disparity. He explains that the economical and social inequalities are linked to the ICT access (Information and communication technologies: equipments and infrastuctures).

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