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Emma ayout r

Ecology, politics, women's place

Testimony of Emma AYOUT, woman, politician, committed and ecologist.
Emma was born in 1991 in Paris where she currently lives. Today, she is in charge of the reception and housing mission for travellers and migrants at the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. 


Job focused mainly on interministerial field and links with the deconcentrated services.

Moreover she's the 3rd top of the ecologist list in the 15th district in Paris for the municipal election 2020 and she handle two internal mandates within her party.


In brief her career

The studies :
Law license in the university Paris-V-Descartes and public law 1rst grade master in Paris I La Sorbonne. General administration in co-habilitation 2nd grade master Panthéon-Sorbonne in Ecole Normale supérieure. Contest winning of RIA ( regional insitute of administration).
Anecdote : High school winner of the regional argument competition organised by the Ministry of Justice

Traineeship in the Ministry of Justice in the criminal case directorate and reprieves in the criminal right office.Traineeship in the ministry of Environment in the european and international Affairs directorate to prepare the first council of the European Union in environment formation after the COP21 ( link administrations, ambassies, europeran comitee). Implementation of a report (diagnosis and propositions) about the locative expulsions avoidance at the request of the departmental direction of the North social membership. Participation in the inter-school session of the civil service about the crisis management in the National superior school of Fire Fighters.

Before the RIA
Traineeship in the external audit service of the international organization to the court of Auditors.
Traineeships in corporate law firms (Kalone, Mayer Brown, Le Monde group).

The achievement:
After brilliant studies and a satisfying professional orientation, Emma could, thanks to her on field meetings to get permanent adaptibility qualities, a salutary responsiveness face very forced delays.She was able to apply her skills to the action, in the legal, public politics, structures organizations and maintenance, territorial bustle, normative, budget, litigation at the european court of Human rights fields.


ˮ According to me there are real innovations on the feminine representation in politics because equality is a much-talked-about topic for few years. inspiring figures are emerging, they can be ecologists or not.  ”

Your défintionof ecology?
According to me, ecology is a modele of society which aims to preserve the natural resources so as to guarantee the human life continuity.
The collective and individual decisions don't have to jeopardise the environment.

Why are you comitted to the action for the ecology? And how long have you been engaged?
Because I want that the Mankindcan continue to live in this beautiful planet ! We don't havre a planet B, we know what is happening and what is waiting us so we can't do nothing. It would be stupid and suicidal. The humans know to make incredibles things, we have everything to be happy on this extraordinary Earth, but we waste everything for an obsolete model since inequalities don"t stop to be more obvious.
I support an ecologist party for 5 years and particularly invest whithin it since 2019.
I hrew up in a family which was very attentive to water, electricity, the animal well-being and the origin of products.
If each human does some gestures it would change much. Face lobbies and global political inertia, actually it's by civilian society and cities that vertuous behaviors are existing. ( whence the crucial major issues of the municipals !). We don't risk our lives by changing our behaviours quite the contrary ! We can make efforts, isnt' it?

Was your familial, friendly, studebt and professional environmenta vectorn a catalyst of your current commutment?
It's clear that my family had something to do with it !
I come from an engaged politically family since at least my grand-parents, sufragette, first laic teacher, resistant, anti-colonialist, antifranqui spanish republican and so on, that's all the profiles of my family !
More recently my uncles, aunts and parents, at different level, have been engaged. Syndical delegates, political parties activist, funders of Freinet school, humanitarian changes in Africa and so on.
I always wanted to be useful.
It was the sens of my law studies, the truth is, even it seems simple-minded, I hate injustice. At school, I was outraged face what I considered as an injustice.
I wen in a humanitarian mission at 14 years in Senegal and it was a chock, especially by comparing our occidental consumption model to the Senegalese life model and West african in general.
I have evoluted with very different people and it have fed my policial thinking. I grew up in a very popular area of the East of Paris with  people pf diverse backgrounds. I was student in primary school with a special education ( Freinet), then in PEZ, then in classy high school of Paris in the Marais. My mother educated me in order to be at ease in these environments.

According to you, are the ecology and its protection "gendered", are the women enough representated and active? And in the general politics?
In each party that I support and the first, while there wasn't any legal obligation, to have established a parity requirement, very important topic within instances. A comitee about feminism, very active  and a unit against harassement are in place.
Beyond the party, women are the first victims of the climatic changes. We can quote, for exemple, the fact that they are on duty of water in many countries.
According to me, there are true innovations on feminine representation in politics because equality is a much-talked-topic for few years. Inspiring figures are emerging, they can be ecologists or not. 
Lately, in Finlandwhere the power is feminine, to Barcelona where the  mayor Ada Colau is sensitive to ecological questions, in the Congress of US where democrate members come from minorities, or Greta and so one.
In France, brilliant young women are emerging and set an exemple. For instance, Marie Toussaint, europeran deputy, at the origine of the petition "The affair of the Century" whose the object is to sue the State for it's climatic ination and which has gathered the most of signatures of the French History.

Should we set up means so as to motivate more the women and allow them the access to commitment? In this case, what are the means?
To me and we don't to delude ourselves, very often, we have to go by the law with obligations in terms of parity, that's what allow to increase the representation of women in the exerise of electoral office in France.
According to me, women think about counciliation between personal life and professional life instead of men who don't seems to wonder about it. They don't have guilt and don't doubt of theur competences in genera, unlike women.
To give them trust, to encourage them, everthing starts by the education of girls by their parents and at school.
In  the parties, we need demands of parity and rules about work arrangements. For instance, night parliamentary sessions or weekends don't exists in many countries ! and they passed, despite that to do their work well !
Equally for the hours of meetings and timetables in general. There is a culture of presenteism in France while in our european neighbors if we finish late or if we organize meetings after 4 p.m, that is because we are not able to be organised or there is a work load whose we need to talk with our supervisor or we are unworthy parents !!!!
The speaking time is also very important. For instance, in political meetings, we need to be sure that women were be able to speak because surveys exhibited that women speak less than men, on TV set for exemple.
The conditions have to be reunited so that wome feel confident to initiate.

Ecology and politics : winning duet  or to conquer?
Ecology must not be circumscribed.
It has to irrigate every political parties. It doens't have to be an improvement of mercantilism, but a reconsideration of our deadweight growth pattern whoch destroys the environement, also the survival condition of the mankind.
But the ecology is also something positive ofr our politics: economical opportunities with new employement (in general non relocatable), of innovation, it means to eat better, to breath better, less ilnesses due to pollution and phytosanitary products or more approximation of nature.

Whatare you waiting for the municipal campaign tthat you do?
I'm waiting for many town hall are attracted by my ecological party. Everyday we are told about ecological disasters. Today, the effects we undergo them.
Also I hope the elector will undertstand that he has to vote ecological, that we are serious, able to administrate. Because it's a current criticism that receives the party I support, but how trust in parties that never make a adequat decision for our planet and our good life and to considere the Green like the "jokers" while they announced what is happening?

What do you do usually for the ecology?
Nowadays, when we consume we need to think local, organic and even social (work conditions of some workers abroad). In the same time, there is a bidget question, but some ecological behavior allow to save money.
Also I make a part of my household products and cosmetics.
Moreover I don't use disposable cottons anymore, I use  washable squares, and reusable Q-tips, biodegradable sanitary pads, solid shampoo, soap and I just bought tissus.
I have a gourd and  don't buy wastable crockery.
Usually I take the public transports, I never take plane for internal flights and I use the train and car sharing for adjacent countries.
I do often shopping in a Hive. It's a place where we go to get our groceries once per week and whose the products are local and generaly organically grown. I bring my shopping bag and reuse the bags for fruits and vegetables.
I reduced my consumption of meat..
Generally, I take more care to the origin of products. for instane, I buy eggs coming from free-range chickens and fed without GMO.
Same for the meat and fish, I avoid their origins in distant location and I check the fishing methods.
Same for the items and clothes, I try as much as possible they are made in France or at least in Europe. But it's not possible every time.
It's a usual work because, everyday, we discover new harmful effects to our actions. Also, the last year I learnt that suntan lotion is dangerious for corals. So I bought a suntan lotion without chemicals.
Besides my actions as consumer, I donate to associations for the protection of the environment, I sign subsidies and I have a militant action in my ecologist party.

One word about Greata and the new generation?
I am relieved that young people rally for we change the model. Often it is the children who teach their parents nowadays about the ecological question.
I'm chocked to see the violent reactions which are driven by Greta. A young girl who denounces the collective suicide which is brought y our society model and leaders reproach here to not smile or to not propose solutions !!!
Is it a joke?! Its not the work of a a 16 olded-girl to bring solution, but it's the work of leaders. They prefer criticize a young person more conscient than them,instead of acting against chaos where their inertia leads us.

Thank you Emma for this enlightement and this living and engaged testimony.

Interview by Corinne Kurek


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