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Why Be Amazonial ? Karine Bontemps

Since always equality is at the heart of all my actions.

After to have built the LDigital foundation in order to facor the women place in the digital and to act for an inclusive digital, I realize that it must not, on the contrary, go near the all-digital at the expense of our planet.

Therefore, I'm acting now, in the continuance, for an ethical, responsible and inclusive digital.

I want to innovate and to invent new paths so as to use  the digital, wisely.

It's not easy, I have difficulties to free myself from the GAF, their ergonomy and their strike power are huge.

The Be Amazonial collective enables me to co-build and to think with several people, by cooperating to be stronger together and to invent new uses and new behaviors.

Also, we participate in a best, inclusive and sustainbale world.

And, the generational mix enables us to be more relevant and to  attarct a wider public.

" Together we are stronger"

Last edited: 20/07/2020