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Why Be Amazonial ? Isabelle Noël-Robert

I am Isabelle the bee. I live in nature between lakes and moutains.

I forage colors, emotions, accros all continents. I like freedom but I need fundamentally to share the nectar of my discoveries.
I am hard-working and it's with pleasure and belief that I put my social organization serving the common good.
My motivation

The discovery of the continents has led me to think personally about the evolution of our planet.

How to stay unmoved by the forest disappearance in Malaisia, for the benefit of palm groves as far as the eye can see, to respond to the global demand of palm oil ?
How to not yell, the day I saw a forest, besides a town in Indonesia, tagged "PEFC FSC", that is to say devoted cutting trees to make pulp paper?
And concrete examples in this way I could write some again a few pages...
Our environment will be able (or not) to be our future, because if we continue to mistreat it, to ignore it, we will have small chance to protect the future generations, whence the importance to include them in these thinkings.
Linked to think about the pollution that the digital generates, the intergenerational side is very important to implement beginnings of strategy, because all points of view will be necessary to advance.
I join Be Amazonial because the topic is inspiring and representative of the absolute necessity to advance "the human"
It is necessary to be able to help it find a true eaning to its survival, so he can better register for the long term and be aware that he must act quickly !