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Why Be Amazonial ? Corinne Kurek

According to me, the investment in a project is mainly is matter of heart and... belief.

The heart, it's the friendly and vibrating closeness with an extra-terreste ascending ram, I named Beryl Bès, the Be Amazonial initiator.

Although our roots, our routes are very different, the same high standards and pragmatism of our old actions linked a strong friendship, based on directness and an eternal evolution of  our knowledge.

Associations in federations, passing bu human and structural experiences, I've learnt, frequenting the "others" to know myself. A good start to be well in its own axe.

My non-stop questionning led by Beryl force me, with a big pleasure, to always learn, understand, apply.

The guarantee, if there is, of the eternal youth ... At least intellectual !


The belief, dating from far far away, from the time of my teens where the aberration of a difference between men and womens chocked me. Whitout a doubt the effect of the maternla genetics !

And as the Be Amazonial precises it, this non-balance, too much present, must be abrogated in all the essential fields and ... accessories.

Be Amazonial proposes to be an active collective in order to cobuild a world of balance, vital eco-system protection and to make the digital, my passion; a strength serving the mankind.

Also, how to not be  part of this adventure ? Impossible !

And as Oscar Wilde wrote it well "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yeld to it"