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Why Be Amazonial ? Clara Moussay

A relationship of relationship and more clics later, Clara offer to us her application for a traineeship.

Our new association has attracted her, her certitudes, her commitment, her actions fot the protection of the environment combined with her academic background did the rest so taht our DNA meet hers.

Too humble to speak about herself, she request the opinion of her relatives andtheir view about her: 

Clara, it's a reed, she sways in the wind whithout ever bending her belief. She hopes to bring new ideas camly.

Clara, it's a cloud but she doesn't act with precipitation.

Clara, it's a jellyfish, she's quill and doesn't like to stay above the ground.

Clara, it's an apple tree, at the discretion of seasons, her ideas bear fruits. Sweet and tangy, her inventions are, like her, always balanced. 

Clara, it's a sparrow, she like pecking new ideas and flying at the mercy of wind in search of great opportunities.

Clara, it's a squirrel, she always has new ideas on hand.

Clara, it's a firefly, she brings light and leads the others lively. 

Clara, it's the wind. a refreshing breeze but also a tornado of ideas.

Clara, it's the tree, with strong roots she always looks for going higher to discover new horizons. 

How to resist to so many superlatives and promises of succesful internship alongside Be Amazonial?

We didn't look for it... Welcome to her.

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