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Why Be Amazonial ? Beryl Bès


The awareness took place during the autumn 2019 where Sylvie Lavigne and Christel Griffoul from the metropolitan pole Clermont Auvergne invited me to a meeting as general officer of the LDigital foundation.

The topic was: the digital transition and the energetic transition.https://pm-cva.org/conference-economie-numerique/

My intention carried on the women inclusion in this problematic. I was, like often, the only women speaker of the evening and moreover on a topic about … the women!!!

I listened and heard Jacques François Marchandise from the FING ( find a part of his words in this white book https://urlz.fr/cKJ3)

I thought that the women didn’t have to limited themselves to be only “inclusive”. They represent 50% of the mankind and not a minority to include. I also studied the issue, participated in different congresses, conferences and meetings.

I talked about it around me and embarked in the journey, for my great pleasure, karine Bontemps, Emma Bès and Corinne Kurek, Maelly Sanches have joined us at the beginning 2020.

Also the collective Be Amazonial was born whose the name echoes in us like the Amazon river, one of the most longest river in the world, it evokes also the Amazons, this women warriors nation from the Greek mythodology.

Karine and I quickly understood that Be Amazonial has to be intergenerational and based on the collective strength to be efficiant and impacting.

Face to the major issues of balance, respect, rights, we propose you to act together for an ethical, sustainable, responsible and impacting digital.

To join Be Amazonial, it’s take part , everyone on its ladder, to a salutary and persistant movement whose the major issue is our future on this beautiful planet.

Contribution to the blog: https://urlz.fr/cKJ7

Last edited: 20/07/2020