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What will change... or not

Disillusioned (or realistic) people

Nothing to add? No

I'm not sure that the "next world" is much different from the world before, except perhaps an extension of teleworking that would allow companies to save on operating costs.

Actually it won't change much for me since I already have a local consumption for food and I travel mainly in France... the biggest change will be the wearing of the mask.

Nothing is going to change... we can see it in the recovery plan or in behaviors: nothing has changed.


My way of life is generally already focused on "sustainable development" except for the digital (protection, impact e-mails ...) by lack of knowledge.

Distance learning

I find that there are not enough awareness campaigns on digital pollution among young and old alike. This is why I thank you for this quiz which I hope will raise awareness.

Sad to see very few female role models in the current YouTubers or influencers ... YouTube is a world of the "white male"?

There is a real lack of information on the pollution of digital.

n doesn't know the pollution that it generates, nor the means to put in place to limit it.

What a time saver than webinars, we can make lunch while we listen to the conference.

Instead, the covid crisis has reinforced my belief in the need to change our deadly capitalist system for humans, animals and the planet.

Just the programmed switching on and off on the phone for example is a good habit to have to extend the life of the phone. (And consume less).

I realized that I was compulsively buying a little too much of the things I don't need. I decided to be more vigilant about it.

Enthusiasts (your encouragement)

Thank you for this great action!

Good luck in this new adventure

Long live the collective and each of its members!

Thank you for this quiz

I am president of the JCE of Lyon and would be delighted to meet you to imagine an action together.

Great your survey!

Good initiative!