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Ecofeminism : Movement initiated in the United States that defines itself as philosophical, ethical and political, resulting from the junction between feminist ideas and actions and environmentalist impulses.

Inclusion : It is the characteristic of a society that includes within its limits, its values, its rules any person who belongs by right to this society and who finds his place in it. 

Mixity : The term "mixity" only appeared in 1963 in our French dictionaries. The very old term "mixed" meant "to mix" and was related to the education of girls. After the Second World War, co-education was related to women's rights or more generally to equality between men and women. Today, co-education tends to become diversity, i.e. the absence of all forms of discrimination and segregation. Definition according to Marie Donzel, for the blog EVE. Case of social mix: simultaneous presence or cohabitation, in the same place, of individuals of different nationalities, cultures, ages, socio-professional categories.

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Last edited: 26/10/2020