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Ecogestures : Each one of us can make ecogestures. They reduce pollution and in fact improve the environment. They form the good practices of daily ecology (or practical ecology). They must be adapted to the habits and customs of the countries.                
Greenhouse effect : Heating of the earth (surface) and the atmosphere (lower layers), created by the absorption and return of part of the infrared radiation of certain gases emitted by the earth and the compensation of the sun's radiation absorbed by it.     
Programmed obsolescence : Techniques implemented by equipment manufacturers to consciously reduce the lifetime of equipment, in order to encourage faster replacement. A few examples: equipment not designed for the evolution of technologies, weakening of connection cables, wear parts and "consumables" with a short life span.                                     
Ecological resilience : This is the ability of a living system to recover its entire initial organization after a crisis or disorder. The quality of resilience can bring about profound changes in the structure and activity of an ecological system. Good resilience is ensured by bio-diversity and respect for the ecosystem, whereas, on the other hand, human activity can undermine the quality of resilience of the ecology.                                             
Ecological transition : Set of principles and practices used to evolve and renew an economic and social model.