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Lexicon T to W

Information and Communication Technologies : Expression mainly used in the university sector, to group together all the computer, audiovisual, media, internet and telecommunications techniques allowing to communicate, to benefit from information sources, to store, use, create and share information in various forms: sound, image, video, text, etc. .... The expression "electronic communications" is used in legal and regulatory texts. (ICT: transcription of English information and communication technologies, ICT)                                      

Digital transformation : In terms of organization, this refers to the changes and new practices brought about by the emergence of new technologies.                                           

Digital transition : Otherwise known as e-transformation, digital transition is a change in the face of the expansion of the Internet and digital technology and tends to make their influence on organizations visible and concrete.                                             

Ecological transition : Set of principles and practices used to evolve and renew an economic and social model.     

Wiki : Collaborative and interactive website where Internet users can write web pages and insert links. Authors must be identified, the archiving of writings and the follow-up of corrections and revisions, etc. .... must also be ensured.                                                                           

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Last edited: 26/10/2020