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Lexicon Q to S

RGPD : General Regulation on Data Protection This is the regulation nᵒ 2016/679, a reference text from the European Union on the protection of private data.                                    

Rootkit : Intrusive software that allows access and maintenance in open mode to the data of a machine. Generally malicious, it is part of the digital security issue.                               

CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility It is the integration, by the company, of ethical and social stakes in its activities, whether economic, internal and external interactions.

CSR : A set of individuals and legal entities linked by a social networking system, within a structure. By extension, the term also refers to the computer networking tools useful for this mutualized and collaborative operation.                                             

Ecological resilience : This is the ability of a living system to recover its entire initial organization after a crisis or disorder. The quality of resilience can bring about profound changes in the structure and activity of an ecological system. Good resilience is ensured by bio-diversity and respect for the ecosystem, whereas, on the other hand, human activity can undermine the quality of resilience of the ecology.   

Self Data : Concerns the personal data of Internet users, produced, used and shared under their responsibility.

Smart data : Smart data or "intelligent data" is mainly used in the marketing field. It allows the obtaining of targeted and relevant information. This resource, derived from big data, is used in particular to carry out e.marketing campaigns.                                   

Digital Sobriety : Approach carried out to minimize the impact of digital technology on the environment. The expression comes from the association GreenIt (2008) to encourage a more sober use of digital technology in everyday life.      

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