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Lexicon I to L

Illectronism : It is the embarrassment, or even the inability, encountered by a person to use computer machines and tools because of their lack of knowledge of how they work. It is the extension of illiteracy transposed into the digital world.  

Inclusion : This is the characteristic of a society that includes within its limits, its values, its rules any person who belongs by right to this society and who finds his or her place in it. 

Literacy : This is the ability to understand and use computer equipment and written information on a daily basis, in one's private, professional or associative environment, etc... to better achieve personal goals while increasing one's knowledge and skills.                                      

Low Tech : In French "basse technologie". Opposed to high-tech. They are practical, popular, economical, simple techniques, one of the characteristics of which is to consume recycled obsolete machines.   

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