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Social Media : Contrary to traditional media, its contents are interactive between members who can create and modify shared content, in the form of a blog, community, wiki (see definition below), etc ..... The advent of web2.0 was born from social media.     

Mixity : The term mixity only appeared in 1963 in our French dictionaries. The very old term "mixed" meant "to mix" and was related to the education of girls. After the Second World War, co-education was related to women's rights or more generally to equality between men and women. Today, co-education tends to become diversity, i.e. the absence of all forms of discrimination and segregation. Definition according to Marie Donzel, for the blog EVE. Case of social mix: simultaneous presence or cohabitation, in the same place, of individuals of different nationalities, cultures, ages, socio-professional categories.


NICT : See definition "Information and Communication Technologies".                                              

Numerical : In computing, numerical refers to data processed by computer and by extension everything that refers to electronic systems based on logical functions to which arithmetic calculations are limited. The term digital is the opposite of "analogical" and "algebraic", the term "digital culture" is used to name social relations in the media field.   

Obesoftware: software that uses excessive system resources and/or accumulates a large number of heterogeneous functions. Software installed automatically when new hardware is purchased is also part of obesoftware. Other names: bloaware, inflagiciel, boufficiel.

Programmed obsolescence : Techniques put in place by hardware manufacturers to consciously reduce the life span of equipment, to encourage faster replacement. A few examples: equipment not designed for technological evolution, weakening of connection cables, wearing parts and "consumables" with a short lifespan.

Open data : In French "données ouvertes" are digital data that are freely accessible and usable by users. It can come from public or private sources, and can be provided by public authorities, public services, citizens or companies.                                     

Persona : This term designates a fictitious "person" who symbolizes the target user, integrating his main characteristics. In terms of commerce, it can be the "ideal customer". The concept was created by an American computer scientist at the end of the 90s, it is widely co-named "marketing".                               

Digital pollution : Digital pollution is the set of negative environmental impacts due to the effects of digital - information and communication technologies.


Last edited: 01/12/2020