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Lexicon A to D

Digital Literacy: A counterpart of classical literacy applied to digital literacy is making navigation in information flows easy and accessible. This action makes the digital divide smaller.      

Big Data: Large, varied and agile collection of data used in many fields. As its name indicates (big data) the enormous importance of treatments and their perspectives is exploited for political, health, crime etc. analyses ....    

Cleantech: These are industrial techniques and services that use natural resources - water, energy, raw materials - to improve efficiency and productivity. This method allows a systematic reduction in the volume and toxicity of waste while guaranteeing the same or even better performance than existing technologies.                                    

CLOUD Computing: Using the computing and storage potential of remote computer servers using a network, mainly the Internet.     

Data Center : Physical site for data centralization. Groups together computer installations (routers, hard disks, servers, ...), stores and distributes data (in English data) via an Internet access or an intranet (internal).

Data Protection Officer (DPO): the person responsible for data protection in the organization and in charge of the application of the DPSP with the link to this term.  

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