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Quiz results

Launched in May 2020, in full confinement, this quiz has received an interesting and instructive response, especially from a young audience (students), who are mobilized and seeking an apprenticeship. 
The expectations expressed encourage us a little more to create events, promote concrete actions, useful and documented communications.
The answers obtained, rich, relevant, sometimes funny, were examined, of course, synthesized or fully restored in pop-up.
The Be Amazonial team is bringing them back to you here in the hope that they will be for you a source of inspiration, reflection and action as they are for us.
Enjoy reading, don't hesitate to post your comments at the bottom of the page.
Amazonally yours.
If you wish to be informed of our future actions, join our mailing list.

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Your profile

Respondents who are employees or contractors work :

In these structures:
SME - VSE - ETI - Micro enterprise
Large groups 1000, 2000 +100,000 employees
Large service company
Service companies
International Group

In these sectors of activity :
Computer science
Public Sector

Your Answers

The eco-gestures we are most proud of

►Consommer otherwise - especially food 
►S 'inform, engage and raise awareness on a daily basis 
►Penser Digital responsible
►Revoir the Energy mode
►Repenser its Mobility  
►►Les small funny people, the handymen, the hoofers, the good students


What will change ... or not

The disenchanted (or realists): from nothing to disenchanted fatalism

Awareness: the crisis and its many challenges have hit the world.

Enthusiasts (your encouragements): thank you for all your remarks that stimulate and encourage us in this adventure.


Mixed and digital: many think that there is a concern for the representativeness of women in the digital world.

Gender balance and mixity

Women and ecology: you think that women are more present in the defense of the environment. 

Women and ecology

Digital safety = your actions

Carte bleueYou do not register your credit card codes




Many of you are installing anti-spam, Avast anti-virus, firewStop dehorsalls, and ad blockers - Adblock ghosteryPrivacy badger Privacy Badger ​ 



Mots de passePasswords: complicate, change, keep to oneself

Transmission donneesYou are very, very numerous not to transmit your data, it is the most widespread action..



Mauvais eleveBad students: in the end, there are a good ten of you doing nothing or almost nothing. Never mind, we're coming!



NavigationSafe browsing: unwanted cookies, forbidden geolocation, systematic disconnection: very big success for these self-defense gestures (e.g. YourOnlineChoice tool)

Pseudo faux nomsCreate a pseudonym or a false identity. Nec : bogus email address. Protonmails



Reseaux sociauxUnavoidable but subject to all your vigilance, social networks are our friends. (e.g. tool: facebook container)




Secret serviceTo live happily, let's live hidden. HTTPS, avoid GAFAM and suspicious sites or social networks, if possible use the Qwant search engine, learn about VPN (private network) (e.g. "have i been pwned" tool)

Camera cacheeWe don't think much about it, but the camera on our computer can spy on us without our consent



NettoyageThe great cleaning: the history, the CCleaner, the cache, the traces. Good



And always ....

Common sense: no clicks without knowing, filtered publications, restricted access acceptance

Zen attitude: remain serene and lucid but also vigilant.

We don't think about it enough
♦ android: do not sign in to my Google Account disable unused applications
♦ online shopping: I avoid, 
♦ hobbies: I don't play any games
♦ storage on an external hard drive

Special Mention
♦ to the fatalists: "The data is already hacked so it's useless" and "But we should do much more and have the courage and time to read all the policies of sites and companies on this subject".
♦ to the funny guy who puts his data in a STRONG BOX
♦ to the insider who decided to be DK - an acronym used in survey results to group together all those who did not wish to give their opinion,
♦ to opportunists who use corporate tools ...

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Your comments in closing

Good initiative, beautiful project. Meeeerciiiii, we will try to be worthy of your encouragement.

How to join you, what contribution can we make? Contact us, become a member, leave your comments, post tickets, propose sites, do not hesitate to show up, we need all the energy to succeed in this bet.

Do not put a newsletter, too polluting. Ok, I promise you won't be registered on the mailing list (although, as usual, you can unsubscribe without any problem).

If things can be set up with shift lyon, there could certainly be volunteers who are very interested in the issue. Thank you, we'll do something about that.

Thanks again, but please keep my email address to yourself and don't send me anything :) Ok we'll keep it for us and not impose anything on you. You will be able to know our actions, events, news via social networks or our website.

Big green project with the Mirabeau Prize next year, if you want to make a partnership or something else, contact me by mail ! Thanks, our experts will take care of it.

As said above, I am president of the JCE of Lyon and would like to contact you to work together. Too good, we at Be Amazonial, we love the JCE.

Unfortunately, the idea of the newsletter after having raised awareness about the damage of unsorted emails is not consistent ... Maybe it would be a good idea to use a method via mails that can self-destruct if the newsletter is implemented, because you still have to inform in your interest of loyalty (it would be coherent and top level sensi). Here I did the brainstorming job for you ;) Thanks for the help ;). There is (untested) the possibility of self-destruction of emails with gmail. We are aware that we should not abuse the newsletters, we will only produce them when we have a good reason to do so, don't worry.

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