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Our aspirations

Thanks to rich 200 answers to our quiz-questionnaire, we were able to establish actions portfolio we will launch to meet you short and mid-term expectations.
Documentation, studies, figures and expertise are essential to understand our world, ACTION is vital.
We offer events, partnerships, virtual and / or face-to-face meetings.
We will meet students and executive officers to collaborate thru different worlds porely connected.
We will listen to and sometimes collaborate with projects that are in our DNA.
Our aspirations are # digital # ecology # diversity ; we will illustrate those topics through presentations, workshops, round tables. 

Be Amazonial baseline: ACT.

 WE WANT YOU for success.

Feel free to contribute to our website site Be Amazonial
Lexicon : Fell free to complete or comment.
Blog :  Inspiring minutes, share your voice.
Expert voice:  interviews with diversity, ecology, digital technology experts (men and women) share your knowledge
External sources : read and reread, podcasts to listen to everywhere, feel free to submitt your own sites


Social media 

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Be Amazonial project portfolio:

   Gen-Z business connexion  for a sustainable, ethical and inclusive digital economy

   Corporate support offer # Gender diversity # Sobriety # Digital #RSEN (Corporate Social Responsibility, ecological and digital)

   Conferences, workshops and trainings on the #RSEN theme

   A podcast

  Application or video game to raise awareness of digital pollution and sobriety and diversity in the digital field eco-responsible sites  

  audits: based on green IT recommended tools

   Charter  development

Label creation

 Be Amazonial needs You!!!


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