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Eco-gestures, your pride

Consume differently - especially food 

Limit the purchase of products under plastic (containers of this material in general)
Adopt new eating habits (flexiterien, recycling, short circuits, compost ...)
Eat less meat or no longer consume it
Cooking local and organic products
Doing 95% of my monthly grocery shopping in bulk grocery stores and markets
Drastically reduce my household waste
Limit my purchases (in general) to what I really need
Consume less
Sorting, learning about compost, buying responsibly ...
Replace the cups by a mug in the coffee machine
Reuse as many things as possible rather than throwing away
Put basins in all my sinks to collect sacred water (gymnastics in some sinks)
Making my household products

Get informed, get involved and raise awareness on a daily basis 

Make my colleagues aware of digital sobriety
Get involved in an environmental association
Talking about these gestures around me
Having participated in the sustainable development commission of my high school and having helped students to better understand the contemporary ecological challenge.
Get informed
Training in CSR
To pass on these values to my daughters
Train my peers, share practices


Mails (sort, delete, moderate usage)
Alternative search engine
Moderating digital usage 
Delete unnecessary emails
To have digital cameras reconditioned (channels exist, if)
Use the Ecosia search engine at work and Lilo at home instead of Google
Avoid cloud storage, take out external backup units (external hard drives are not in the museum with the dinosaurs)
Keep my devices as long as possible
Resist the temptation to buy the latest fashionable smartphone (remember to pass on the info to your teens)
Decrease my series/videos consumption (it's a good thing, it's nice outside)
To make known the extension The Great Suspender to all my acquaintances (we leave it to you to check)
Delete a lot of files on my phone too (we tend to forget the maintenance of our phone)
Limit email recipients
Give preference to the phone over email whenever possible.
Disable notifications on my smartphone
Resist the temptation to consult the weather sites, to check the departure time of my train several times.
Unsubscribe from newsletters (except the essential ones like the one from Be Amazonial!)


Turn off your equipment when you are not using it (box, computer...)
Changing the electricity supplier (in any case study your proposals)
Install solar panels (my 5th floor neighbor will be happy!).
Avoid the multiplication of electronic devices
Unplug when it's loaded (we're talking about the chargers, not us!)
Turn off the computer and the tel (of course out of use!)
Opt for devices labeled "energy-saving".
Switch on the power strips only if necessary
Turn off the box when I'm sleeping or away from home.

Mobility (wishful thinking)

Drive less
Don't use my car anymore

The funny little ones, the handymen, the hoofers, the good students..:

Getting up in the morning
I pee in my shower
All the daily attentions, don't be lazy and tell me that it's for the planet.
I am proud of all my eco-responsible actions.
Living without electricity for 2 weeks (Help Koh Lanta)
Complete dismantling of my computer to reweld the power supply (special for DIYers)
Turn off the electricity when I'm not home (unless the freezer is full).
Having answered this questionnaire, which makes me aware of my inculture !!!