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Be Amazonial is a collective for sustainably co-building a new equitable world integrating women and men and acting for an ethical, sustainable, responsible and inclusive digital world.

To join Be Amazonial:

It's to free itself from the ego grip on its individuality to think collective.

It's to promote the collective intelligence and the individual initiatives.

It's to integrate the protection of men and women, animaux and plants in each undertaken  initiative and project.

It's to preserve our ecosystems and our life spaces for our survival.

It's to promote the balance between both sexes in the sociability area ( public spaces, private spaces and every social circles).

It's to take into account the major issues of digital and ecological transformation. #Inclusion

It's to listen to the planet needs by integrating the local dimension at the heart of the action.

It's to guaranteethe cohabitation between species needs on a predefined territory.

It's to use the digital as an opportunity to adapt sustainably our life together.

It's to participate in a participative, circular and collective economy.

Our missions are plural.

To begin with, we will focus on  an information and communication mission.

It means to make visible the invisible, to open up the different eco-systems, to federate them

To transfer the communication and the actions, by creating links.

Also we want:

To enhance, to enlighten and to support start-ups CleanTech GreenTech by building a cartography.

To enable the valuation of experts through our blog so as to co-build an active community on the diversity and women place more generally in the major issues of energetic and digital transition.

The Be Amazonial collective is based on values of sharing, kindness, trust and solidarity commitment,

while maintaining objectives of efficiency and performance.

whithout forgetting friendliness !

Be Amazonial has for a goal to federate a self-powered community and to offer a new angle of thinking about diversity in a sustainable and ethical digital.

The companies, as part of their thinking about their purpose and CSR, exacerbated by the current and unusual crisis, will seize these topics during the next years.

To put more digital in the hands of young girls, womens to enter a sustainable economy is the major issue of the creation of Be Amazonial.


Today, we don't have the choice anymore !