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It aims to co-build sustainably a new fair world, integrating women and men, by favoring diversity. Face to major issues of balance, respect, rights, we want to take part in, on our scale, to a salutary and persistent movement and to participate in the future of our planet.
Be Amazonial
, whose the name resonates in us like the Amazon river, one of the longest rivers in the world, evokes also the Amazons, this women warriors nation from the Greek mythology.
Our purpose is to act for an ethical, sustainable, responsible and inclusive digital.
Also, we invite every people who wish to act with us, to join us. Contact us

  • Purpose

    Intention, missions and values of the Be Amazonial collective. What priorities, what ambitions? To make the invisible visible, to value collective intelligence and personal initiatives, to federate a committed community of reflection on diversity in a sustainable and ethical digital environment.
  • Team Be Amazonial

    Presentation of the members of the collective and the reasons for their involvement in the project. What about you? Will you join us?