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Be Amazonial according to Emma Bès

Joining this project, I would like to give a new face to the sustainbale development.

Although, I want to integrate the values of the sustainble development ( ecology, economy, social) to a theme which can seems to be the opposite : digital, Informations and Communication technologies)

Who can help me to realise that? to whom my purpose ?

  • Women men having as belief to go out of "usual" domination logic against nature and women.

  • Humans able to understand the importance of the eco-system (women/men/nature).

  • Humans which want to reform the  dominating political, economical and cultural power which is the man power.

The mission I want to lead through this Be Amazonial collective is to make the digital not the emblem of the excessive globalisation but the one which promotes and facilitates the intiatives to a local ladder.

Why ? (purely ideological )

  1. To reclame the natural area. The humans don't live anymore on a territory, they live there. ( Appropriation of area, set up of protection logic, reappropriation of the idea of " Individual property)

  1. To co-build a territorial anchor enabling the balance between both sexes in the sociability spaces ( public spaces, privates area and all the sociability circles).

  2. To give a new function to ICTs ( Information and communication technologies)

Exemple: I base my eco-city on digital, my forest city of tomorrow (management of growing number of inhabitance, social and food security, management of movements, social educative security, social sexual security - contraception, menstruations - management of sanitary crisis)


How ( at the scale of Be Amazonial)?

  • To learn from work of the previous generations

  • To understand how to lead this transformation (the identified missions by the collective)

  • To transfer to the great majority : sensitization, enlargement of the circle.

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