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  • Youth and post-covid

    A podcast that gives 20-30 year olds the chance to talk about what they envision AFTER the covid. UN INFO gives them the floor on their vision of the world, their future, their life ....
  • What green actions for a responsible digital

    The turbine.coop. On January 14, we had the pleasure of interviewing Julie Orgelet. In this podcast, Julie Orgelet explains who she is, what her activities are and gives us the first tips on how to live in a more "eco-digital" way. And if these tracks concern our personal digital "hygiene" every day, a lot needs to be done on the professional side as well.
  • Podcast France Culture territories in transition

    A (re)listening to a program from France Culture a podcast of the cause-and-effect program, the magazine of the environment
  • Richard Hanna's now famous Techology podcasts

    Techologie offers a series of podcasts to see and review. Its challenge: to combine technology and ecology, the enemy sisters. Aimed at both high tech, low tech and computer addicts, these videos, with a maximum length of 45 minutes, will undoubtedly also interest a wider audience. To your headphones ...
  • Podcast Inès Léonarduzzi

    *A (re)listen to the interview with the founder of Digital for the Planet
  • Podcats notions on eco-feminism

    *Space for discussion via Gaïa's meetings. To exchange freely between beginners and experienced people. To follow these edifying podcasts