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What makes our present, our future, sometimes the teachings of the past. The news is rich, moving, alive, sometimes anxious, often hopeful, always worthy of interest by its infinite field of thinking. Do not hesitate to submit your opinions and the websites that may have inspired you.



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  • How and where to find a responsible job?

    An overview of sectors that are recruiting and offering jobs that are compatible with the environmental issue.
  • White paper by Manon Triquet designer

    Questions on the role of designers, and therefore the upstream of digital, in terms of digital consumption. A quick quiz at the end of the document to try to take stock of the situation.
  • A new job in the digital field

    Sectors and professions are evolving in the digital world. It is therefore necessary to adapt teaching and promote these activities to offer young people a future.
  • Shift Project: eco-responsible digital solutions.

    Let's act, in collaboration, to propose eco-responsible digital solutions. Let's rely on Shift Project's eco-system and its experts who have illustrated the digital impacts in a very comprehensive digital report.
  • Youth and post-covid

    A podcast that gives 20-30 year olds the chance to talk about what they envision AFTER the covid. UN INFO gives them the floor on their vision of the world, their future, their life ....
  • Marketing and personal data

    Cash investigation goes behind the scenes of advertising and the profitability of our personal data. Investigation of practices that sometimes ... border line !
  • GreenIt report on the impact of digital technology in France

    A group of experts who produced a report in June 2020 on the impact of digital technology in France. 21 pages in pdf to know everything (or almost everything).
  • Enzymes at the service of recycling, explanations

    *In contrast to current plastic recycling processes, which are mainly thermomechanical, the biorecycling process developed by CARBIOS is based on the use of highly specific biological catalysts: enzymes!
  • Green jobs, a few figures

    Computer graphics drawing a portrait of the professions that recruit in ecology, the ecology transition. Current and future figures. Opportunities and sectors.
  • Tribune on life-saving technology or not

    Sobriety, digital pollution, technology is not and will not be the solution in the more or less long term. Specialist words, discussions in the making, the way (voice) is open in this free forum.
  • 50 measures for a digital transition in the service of ecology

    Roadmap for an economic recovery plan: 50 measures for the digital transition unveiled by the National Digital Council and the High Council for Climate.
  • SPS - Personna

    To find some typical profiles on the equipment necessary for the practice of digital.
  • Podcast France Culture territories in transition

    A (re)listening to a program from France Culture a podcast of the cause-and-effect program, the magazine of the environment