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Ecology and digital

Digital technologies are a incredible tool to spread ideas and innovations. However, its exponential rise must not neglect its growing impact on the ecology. The covid19 has exacerbated awareness and a number of websites and articles are emerging. Let's hope that we will learn from this event so that ecology and digital technology can be reconciled.



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  • Educational Recycling: Revolt, the Pink Bin Game

    *Interview of Clément Chabot creator of the game "REVOLT". Based on a pedagogical approach, this game offers exercises to reflect on the energy consumed by each person. An example of a question: "If we really had to pedal to produce our energy, how much time would we have to spend on it? »
  • Green jobs, a few figures

    Computer graphics drawing a portrait of the professions that recruit in ecology, the ecology transition. Current and future figures. Opportunities and sectors.
  • Tribune on life-saving technology or not

    Sobriety, digital pollution, technology is not and will not be the solution in the more or less long term. Specialist words, discussions in the making, the way (voice) is open in this free forum.
  • 50 measures for a digital transition in the service of ecology

    Roadmap for an economic recovery plan: 50 measures for the digital transition unveiled by the National Digital Council and the High Council for Climate.
  • Richard Hanna's now famous Techology podcasts

    Techologie offers a series of podcasts to see and review. Its challenge: to combine technology and ecology, the enemy sisters. Aimed at both high tech, low tech and computer addicts, these videos, with a maximum length of 45 minutes, will undoubtedly also interest a wider audience. To your headphones ...
  • The numeric interferes with the fields

    Reducing the use of pesticides and inputs through the use of new technologies? This is what the advocates of precision farming advocate. But is it really reasonable?
  • Metals for Digital: still progress to be made

    The still pressing need for metals for digital is far from reassuring for the safeguard of the planet. On the one hand, digital technology has become indispensable to human relations, and on the other hand, the metals and minerals needed to build digital media are increasingly being exploited to the detriment of the environment. In the diagram of digital pollution, it should be noted that the first and most important element is precisely the extraction of metals and minerals for the construction of processors and other assembly elements.
  • One tree = less Netflix pollution

    As we know, videos are extremely energy consuming and therefore polluting. With Plantflix, all Netflix addicts can relax: this start-up offers to plant a tree to compensate for the pollution. Utopian?